2 Player Puzzle using EaselJS and NodeJS

Last modified: 06 Feb 2017

This game utilizes a variety of Javscript libraries to stitch together the puzzle game:

You’ll need to install NodeJS. The following I have already included in the zip file - ExpressJS, Node-Supervisor and Socket.IO as local node modules. They are all installed via NPM.

The Game Files


The server has a pretty short code and only responsible in the following areas:

  1. Generating the 2D array of X and Y puzzle pieces starting position. This way when a new player joins a room, the new player will see the same puzzle position as the first player.
  2. Listens for client connection and handles automatic room creation and assignments. Only 2 client connections are allowed in each room.
  3. Broadcasting and sending game packets to all connected clients or to specific rooms


This file receives all the packets that the server is sending out and executes the operations necessary.


Contains various game related logic.

Game Initialization Flow

That’s about it. The game specific code are fairly short.

Download demo and source